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Waterless cooking video demonstrates how to cook vegetables and fruits without water, and how to fry or broil meats without grease, fat, butter, or salt.

Waterless and greaseless cooking with induction compatible cookware is increasingly becoming a popular trend worldwide, and has a number of key advantages over conventional cookware. Health Craft induction cookware features a multi-ply full-body pan with surgical stainless steel inside and magnetic surgical stainless steel on the outside of the pan. Health Craft’s exclusive combination of metals, heats instantly reducing the cooking time, and the taste of the food cooked the waterless and greaseless way are some of the reasons why the popularity of induction cooking is on the rise.

Since heat is evenly and immediately distributed across the bottom and up the sides of the pan, it prevents burning or sticking, making Health Craft cookware easy to cook with and easier to clean. When cooking chicken, steaks, chops and roasts there’s no need to use oil or butter to prevent sticking, and since the food gets cooked in its natural juices, the taste is always delicious and the food is nutritious.

Health Craft Induction Cookware is made of T304L surgical stainless steel inside and T438 induction compatible surgical stainless steel outside (T for Titanium). This surgical quality stainless steel prevents the taste of metal leaching into the food. Another thing with high grade surgical quality stainless steel is that it does not require a coating like Teflon, which may scratch or flake and get into the food.

Another aspect of Health Craft waterless cookware items is that whereas most cookware bottoms are machined flat and will sometimes warp or buckle when heated, Health Craft is slightly concaved. When heated it expands and flattens out, this enables the entire surface area to be in contact with the coils of an electric stove as well as an induction cook-top. This results in even distribution of heat, which prevents hot spots that can burn the food. Foods are cooked with their own natural juices in waterless cookware. This means that the vitamins and minerals are retained. Since vegetables already contain a large quantity of water, there is no need to add water. Moisture is released from the vegetables while cooking and is turned into water vapor. With the cover on and the vent closed, the water vapor escapes around the rim of the pan forming a Vapor Seal. This vapor seal is the key to minimum moisture waterless cooking.

FYI: Most waterless cookware brands have a whistle on the top of the pan which notifies the cook to turn down the heat. Although this an appealing feature, medium to medium-high heat is required, once the whistle sounds the temperature inside the pan is approaching the boiling temperature of 212°F. Since living enzymes within the food being cooked can be destroyed when the inside temperature of the pan goes above 160°F, waterless cookware and induction cookware with a whistle indicates the pan is most likely made with a slab bottom and is not Full-Body Construction. In other words, you’re only getting half the pan you’re paying for.

Health Craft Induction Cookware features a Vapor-Vent and specifically weighted covers. Around the rim of the pan is a well that collects moisture as it escapes from the pan when heat is applied. When cooking the waterless way, vegetables need to nearly fill the pan, the vent is closed and the heat is adjusted to low or medium-low. A vapor seal will form around the rim, on an induction cook-top about 10-15 seconds, on gas or electric stoves about 3-5 minutes. Once the vapor seal is formed the cover lid will spin freely on a cushion of moisture. Waterless vegetables cook perfectly, about 10 minutes to a quart size pan, and the living enzymes, as well as the minerals and vitamins, are preserved.

The result, foods cooked in Health Craft Cookware taste better and are healthier, natural colors of the foods are bright and will have a crispy texture even after being cooked, all at the same time.

Article based on Information found in cookbooks “Healthy Meat and Potatoes” and “A Guide to Waterless Cooking” by chefs Charles Knight and David Knight.

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