Wallniture Long Nera Kitchen Organizer Racks Wall Mount Coffee Mug Holder Pot Pan Rail Wrought Iron Black Set of 2

Compact Storage: This set of 2 kitchen utensil organizer wall rails can be installed with desired spacing as space saver in your pantry storage. You can conveniently hang mugs near your coffee machine to keep your energy station at your fingertips. Hanging mug hanger occupies much less space than mug tree. Great piece for your farmhouse home decor

Sturdy and Heavy-Duty Construction: The 8mm wrought iron is built to last a lifetime. Each bracket measures 17″ x 9.15″ inches on the long side with the flange measuring 1.5 inches, so it stays sturdy and solid for years to come.

Easy to Install: Hang this kitchen wall rack, side by side, so organizing or hanging your coffee mugs is no longer a hassle. It comes with all the necessary mounting hardware included in the packaging for your convenience.

Multi-Purpose Organization: If you have large kitchen cabinets and wide spacing between the tiers, these brackets are for you. Also perfect for drawer organizer. You can even use this hanging rack as tie rack, belt organizer or scarf holder in your closet or wardrobe instead of storage bins

Trendy and Modern Kitchen: Keep your counter space tidy and neat, and your kitchen cabinets free of clutter by creating valuable space, all at the same time with one compact solution. With this amazing plate organizer and mug holder, you can even give your kitchen a decorative remodel.

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