Restoring and Seasoning Antique Cast Iron Cookware (badly pitted)

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Restoring and Seasoning Antique Cast Iron Cookware

I’ve watched these Cast Iron pans sit in the back of my grandfather’s barn gathering rust for the last 25 years. Who knows how long they’ve really been out there.

Some of the cast iron only had a bit of surface rust on them, others were in very bad shape with deep pits in the metal and heavy rust spots. I go over how to restore and season both in this video.

The skillet that is in such bad shape in the video was one of the older pans of the bunch, it’s a #8 Ozark Crescent Foundry Co. – St. Louis Mo Skillet. I can’t find much information on it online to date it, so if anyone has more information on this skillet please let me know. It was in very bad shape when I started with it. It had deep pitting that I could see through the heavy rust, but it turned out really nice, and is now my go to pan to cook with! It seems to hold it’s season very well.

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