Recipe of the week: three-minute egg

Serves 4

For the egg
4 eggs
250g white wine vinegar
1 litre stock

For the broth
100g Serrano ham
25g garlic, diced
25g green and red peppers
2g smoked paprika
2 litres water

For the mushrooms
25g small chantrelles (Cantarellus cibarius), shredded
25g ceps, sliced
Plain flour
10g wood blewit
10g shimeji mushrooms

For the base
10g fried bread
10g sautéed cubes of pancetta

For the garnish
Heartleaf iceplant and begonia flowers

For the egg
Leave the eggs in vinegar for two days to dissolve the shells. Then wash in cold water. Place the eggs in some water for another two days to remove the vinegar taste, changing the water every eight hours. Soak in the stock for two more days.

For the broth
Roast the sliced Serrano ham in the oven at 160°C for 15 minutes. Dice the garlic and the red and green peppers and fry lightly. Add a spoonful of paprika and the ham and cover with water. Leave to reduce by half.

For the mushrooms
Dip the chanterelles and the ceps in the flour and then fry. Sauté the wood blewits and the shimeji mushrooms as normal.

Final touches and presentation First remove the egg from its stock and cook in the boiling broth for three minutes. Meanwhile, arrange a little fried bread and the sautéed pancetta cubes in the centre of the plate. Nestle the egg safely on top as soon as it is cooked and scatter around the mushrooms, some heartleaf iceplant and the begonia flowers.

When the diner slices into the egg it will burst open and the yolk will mingle deliciously with the rest of the ingredients. This satisfying dish should be eaten with a spoon – and all the different elements should be mixed together.

Recipe taken from ‘Akelare: New Basque Cuisine’. Photography by Juantxo Egaña and José Luis Galiana

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