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Today Tim Mussig of J.B. Prince Company joins Epicurious to break down how picking the right pan for your culinary endeavors makes all the difference in your final product. J.B. Prince has been New York’s first stop for professional culinary equipment for decades and Tim is here to share his expertise on when, how, and why to use different kinds of pans for your cooking needs – whichever recipe you’re bringing to life.

00:00 Introduction
00:23 Fry Pan
02:11 Saucepan
02:49 Sauté Pan
04:20 Saucier
04:51 Rondeau
05:23 Skillet
05:55 Crepe Pan
06:13 Wok
06:51 Carbon Steel Wok
07:20 Nonstick Wok

07:58 Riveted Handles
08:58 Welded Handles
09:59 One Piece Handle
10:32 Silicone Handles

10:53 Sandwich Bottom vs. Clad Construction

12:56 Materials – Aluminum
13:49 Materials – Stainless Steel
15:08 Materials – Carbon Steel
17:06 Materials – Cast Iron
18:03 Materials – Cast Iron Enamel
18:53 Materials – Copper
19:53 Materials – Nonstick
21:43 Materials – Ceramic

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Picking The Right Pan For Every Recipe | Epicurious

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