Pack of 30 Extra-Thick Disposable Aluminum Baking …

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Mess-Free Convenience!
Always dread the thought of cleaning the nooks and crannies of your baking pan after that stint in the oven?Well, now you can kiss that dread goodbye!
These aluminum cake baking pans are conveniently disposable.
So you can go from whipping up that delicious cake to gobbling it up without having to deal with the strenuous clean-up.

A Touch of Functionality!
Not all disposable aluminum frying pans are created equal.
Some are too tiny,
some are so shallow that everything you make spills over,
and most aren’t sturdy enough to handle your dishes.
But we don’t believe that disposable pans should come at the expense of quality.
That’s why we’ve used extra-thick aluminum foil to design our 8.75″ x 8.75″ x 1.75″ pans and made them conveniently deep to handle most dishes.

Complements All Skill Levels!
Whether you’re a baking newbie, or a certified pro, our disposable aluminum pans make baking as easy as can be.
Thanks to their superior heat conductivity, these pans ensure that everything from the inside of your foods to the crust comes out beautifully.
Enjoy even cooking all the time without any of the hassle.

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