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One Pan Shrimp Fajitas have all the flavor of your favorite restaurant dish but our made at home in under 15 minutes with all natural ingredients and an amazing homemade fajita seasoning.

Whenever I go out for Mexican food and am focused on eating healthy, I almost always order the fajitas since they are normally one of the healthier dishes available. I also love that they are inherently build your own so I can create my own delicious tacos and don’t have to worry about being greeted with a mountain of sour cream. It’s just not my thing. This past weekend I was craving Mexican and I decided to whip up some of my own fajitas at home. Usually I make chicken or beef fajitas, but I was inspired by some tasty looking shrimp this time and now these are probably my favorite of the three. There is just something about sweet shrimp and the spicy seasoning that is hard to beat.

The other thing I absolutely love about this recipe is how quick and easy it is. A couple of chopped peppers, an onion, and a quick homemade fajita seasoning and that’s all the prep you need. Then just toss everything on a sheet pan, throw it in the oven, and dinner is done. Now when it comes to side dishes, there are all kinds of options for this dish. You can go the traditional route and serve it with some warmed up flour tortillas and a smorgasbord of toppings. Sometimes we like to eat them stuffed into lettuce wraps with black beans and avocado. It’s also perfect as a bowl over some brown rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice. And I would be holding out if I didn’t let you know that this makes the best quesadilla the next day. Chop everything up, add some mozzarella cheese, and stuff it into a tortilla – so good.

All the ingredients to make One Pan Shrimp Fajitas.

Ready to make these Sheet Pan Fajitas? Here are some tips and tricks for cooking:

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