Large Thermal Coffee Carafe – Stainless Steel, Double Walled Thermal Pots For Coffee and Teas by Hastings Collective – White, Vacuum Carafes With Removable Tea Infuser and Strainer | 50 Oz.

FRESH TEA EVERY TIME: The infuser pitcher also doubles as a loose leaf tea carafe. The thermal carafe brewer comes with a stainless steel strainer for tea or coffee steeping. The strainer can make refreshing beverages by simply placing loose leaf tea or coffee grinds directly into the carafe with hot water, allowing it to steep, then place the strainer over the top and pour the liquid into a coffee cup or mug for immediate enjoyment, keeping any grinds or tea from getting into the liquid.

CAFFEINE ON THE GO: This high quality tea and coffee carafe is perfect for people on the go. No more brewing coffee and tea from your home, pouring what can fit into a mug, going to work, then brewing more coffee, only to rinse and repeat. The mesh filter is designed to hold tea and coffee grinds. Simply add hot water to the thermos wherever you are, be in the office, plane, or party. Once brewed, you can take the filter out, screw the lid back on, and you’re ready to leave the house with a hot

HOT LIQUID FOR HOURS: Tons of coffee pot servers and thermoses claim to retain the warmth of your coffee for hours. The problem is most coffee pots are made of glass and need to remain on a burner to keep the coffee hot. This can cause your coffee to burn, creating a bitter aftertaste. Also, burners are timed, so they eventually go out, leaving you with cold, stale coffee. Our coffee pitcher is air tight and surgical grade, so your coffee will remain piping hot and fresh for hours after brewing.

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