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It is a necessity for us to eat.

Many eat to live and others live to eat. Either way, we can not get around our need for food.

So I live by a code which says if we already have to eat, why not eat the most delicious, delectable meals possible? Sound’s reasonable, right?

You do not have to settle for mediocrity when it comes to eating.

Tuna helper, Ramen Noodles and Chef Boyardee need not be the highlight of your day.

With a few basic ideas you can cook to impress yourself and others in no time.

Here are some ideas to stir up in the inner chef in you:

1. Get Rid of Fear – Huh? Why is this the number one tip? Well, because fear cripples our potential in every aspect of life. Many people don’t cook because they say they don’t know how to cook. Well, at one point you didn’t know how to walk, ride a bike, drive a car, etc. But how did you learn? Well, by doing it! Is there anything you are good at? Whatever it is, I bet you were not good at it immediately. It takes time to master something. So, in order to be a good cook, you are going to have to try and cook! Go after it with reckless abandon, throw all caution to the wind and go cook something!!

2. Get Some Tools – Obviously if you are going to cook you are going to need some basics tools. I am going to give you a few necessities for the average beginner on a beginner budget.

I am only recommending the minimum you should have. Obviously there are a lot more items you can and should buy but, for the moment, you can effectively cook with these items:


Pots and Pans (with lids) – Frying pan, Sauce Pan and Dutch Oven, Roasting/Baking Pan

Knives – Chef’s knife (don’t be intimidated!) and utility knife

Utensils – Whisk, Large Spoon and Fork, Tongs, Spatula, Vegetable Peeler, Cutting board, Mixing bowls, Colander


Pans Baking Pan, Muffin pan, Baking Sheet pan

Utensils –Rolling Pin, Rubber Spatula, Measuring cups and spoons

3. Learn Some Basic Terminology – If you are going to cook and follow some recipes you will need to know what the recipe is calling you to do. Here are some basic terms you need to know. ( a more

PARBOIL: To simmer in liquid or fat until approximately 50 percent done.

SIMMER: To cook submerged in liquid just below a boil, at temperature upwards of 180°F ( 82°C ). A simmering liquid has bubbles floating slowly from the bottom, and the surface is fairly quiet.

BOIL: To cook in water or liquid under a boiling point or reaches the point when a boiling liquid is in turmoil; its surface is agitated and rolling.

REDUCE: To boil or simmer a liquid until it reaches a smaller volume through evaporation. A liquid so reduced has a greater concentration of flavor. If it contains starch it becomes thicker.

BRAISE: To cook with a small amount of liquid in a covered container in a low lemperature to produce a thick sauce. Examples are adobo, mechado, etc.

POACH: To cook submerged in liquid at temperatures of roughly 160° to 180º F (71º – 82º C). A liquid at these temperatures has bubbles on the bottom of the pan but is undisturbed.

SEAL OR SEAR: To expose the surface of meat to extreme heat in a hot pan or oven for the purpose of browning before cooking at a lower temperature; a partial-cooking process and by so doing enhance the flavor.

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