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Beets are my wife’s favorite food, which means, by extension, that they’re the vegetable I roast most often. When done right, they become candy-sweet, while maintaining an intense earthiness. I like to do everything I can to accentuate those flavors.

The Basics

Form a tight foil pouch, and roast the beets inside with a little oil and some herbs. Once roasted, they slip right out of their skins under running water.

The Full Story


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There may be more than one way to cook a beet, but there’s only one way that I go back to again and again. Boiling beets is fast and efficient, but it pains me to see all that wonderful beet juice going down the drain when I finally dump the liquid. Roasting them plain works all right, but they can end up dry and shriveled, and it takes literally* forever.

* Not literally.


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