Get Ready for a New Chef’s Table: This Time It’s S…

There’s a new Chef’s Table series coming in April and this time the Netflix produced show will focus on the world’s pastry chefs.

In a promotional teaser shared on the Chef’s Table Instagram account, the company give away the launch of the new series, April 13th, and for those with a keen eye for cakes, they also reveal who the first pastry chef will be.

The cakes in the video are instantly identifiable as the colourful creations of Cristina Tosi who owns and runs the Milk Bar locations in America. Tosi also took to social media to confirm that she will be featuring in the new series.

There’s no news on which other pastry chefs will feature but we’re going to make some predictions: Dominique Ansel, Albert Adrià, Janice Wong, Cedric Grolet, Jordi Roca and Pierre Hermé.

Take a look at the teaser below and let us know on Facebook which pastry chefs you’d like to see featured.

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