Finn ilo Color Stainless 304 5-Layer Induction Handy Pot Sauce Pan, Modern Design (Sparkling White / 2 piece set(16cm + 20cm))

Overwhelming fuction for induction use. Rapidly up to 100 degrees Celsius.Protects induction top plate with slick, flat bottom surface.

Use safe materials. Korea POSCO Pohang Works 304 stainless steel use. No worries heavy metal.

Modern design of the latest trend. Stainless and ceramic blend, mix and match design, European tulip rim and straight body maximize sophistication, use sensual color.

POINT1. Sensual design, POINT2. Fast and powerful induction function, POINT3. Coating, Aluminum, Safe without worrying heavy metal, POINT4. Easy cleaning

Beauty and convenience UP

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