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Hello Everyone, Is video mein ham baat karenge cast iron aur pure iron ke cookwares ki.
kaise ye ek dusre se alag hai, cast iron aur pure iron mein se kaun sa behtar hai, cast iron utensils ki seasoning and maintenance kaise karein, aur last mein dono mein se kaun sa cost effective hai.
umeed karti hu ki aapko mera ye video pasand aayega aur aap agli bar shopping karte samay aap video mein de hui tips ko dhyan rakhenge.
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00:00 – Intro
00:33 – What is cast iron
01:09 – Identification of cast iron cookware
01:48 – Healthier option
03:02 – Heat retention
03:28 – Seasoning & maintenance
04:22 – Cost
04:45 – Outro

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