Coffee Gator Cold Brew Kit – Brewer with Scoop and Loading Funnel – 47oz, Black

MORE HAPPINESS PER CUP – Brewing with cold water preserves all the goodness and natural sweet flavours. Our cold brew system produces coffee up to 67% less acidic than normal so you can forget sugar or artificial sweeteners. Regular iced-coffee is brewed hot and comes out bitter. So most chains shovel sugar in to mask the taste. You’re better than that, people! Cold press puts smiles on happy, healthy faces. Voted best overall cold brew coffee maker by!

SO GOOD IT MAKES COFFEE ANGELS SING – Cold brew is made with nothing but cold water. No heat means a longer brew process (12-48 hours), but all you have to do is it fill up the coffee maker and relax. Cold brewed coffee stays fresh in the pitcher for weeks. The carafe fits in the refrigerator and making it is as easy as slipping on a banana skin on a tightrope. The reward? A cheshire cat grin-generating, fiesta of flavour and refreshment.

CLEAN, CLEAR & CLUTTERLESS – So you’re a fan of spilling coffee over your kitchen surfaces and in your cornflakes, are you? No, didn’t think so. That’s why we provide a reusable filter, free measuring scoop and collapsible funnel with your cold coffee brewer. Now you can keep your kitchen clean as a whistle and your coffee-to-water ratio on point.

CHEAP IMITATIONS WILL COST YOU MORE – Sure, there are cheaper cold drip coffee brewers out there. If quality or customer service isn’t important to you, give them a try. Our products are precision-engineered for maximum taste and minimum fuss. The cold brewer has a mesh filter, airtight seal and is made from rugged, 100% BPA free borosilicate glass. We probably don’t need to mention how astonishingly good-looking it is (any fool can see that). Avoid buying cheap and paying twice.

CERTAIN SATISFACTION – Choose Coffee Gator if you care about quality, service and your personal happiness. Get your hands on this brewer plus a stainless steel scoop and loading funnel today. Need more convincing? We had 9,804 positive reviews last year – that’s 97%. Plus our 100% satisfaction promise applies to everything we sell (no annoying, nosey questions asked)

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