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Did you know you could crowdfund a recipe book? Perhaps not everyone can, but Bill Sewell, who runs Bill’s Cafés in Hereford and Cambridge, has managed it.

Such are his cafés’ popularity that he managed to bring together 340 backers on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to fund the idea, and Bill’s Kitchen is the result.

Sewell opened his first café in London in 1989, followed by community café/church projects Café @ All Saints in Hereford in 1997 and Michaelhouse in Cambridge in 2008. The idea behind all of them has been homemade food, and that’s exactly what you will find in this book.

Featuring more than 120 of his “greatest, all-time recipes” (Sewell already has two well-known vegetarian recipe books to his name), Bill’s Kitchen promotes the themes of sustainability and good (but responsible) eating, as well as flexible vegetarianism. It’s a book for our times then, as plant-based cuisine grows ever more popular.

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