Best Cookware NOT Made in China (11 Brands You Might Not Know)

In this video, I highlight the best cookware NOT made in China. You’ll learn where it’s made and why it’s worth buying. I’ll break it down by country, highlighting the brands I’ve tested and highly recommend. You’ll learn about the best cookware made in the USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Switzerland. I’ll also reveal two companies that make their cookware in China that I actually really like.

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0:44 Best Cookware Made in the USA
3:30 Best Cookware Made in France
6:40 Best Cookware Made in Italy
8:11 Best Cookware Made in Belgium
8:57 Best Cookware Made in Denmark
9:41 Best Cookware Made Switzerland
10:48 Best Cookware Made In China

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All-Clad (USA) (Amazon)
Made In (USA) (
Lodge (USA) (Amazon)
Le Creuset (France) (Amazon)
Staub (France) (
Mauviel (France) (Amazon)
Made In Copper (France) (
Hestan (Italy)
Ballarini (Italy) (
Demeyere (Belgium) (Amazon)
Scanpan (Denmark) (Amazon)
Swiss Diamond (Switzerland) (Amazon)
Misen (China) (
Calphalon (China) (Amazon)

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