Barefoot Thru Hiking, Couples Sharing Gear, & Keeping Cookware Clean – Q&A7

Today we talk about thru hiking barefoot! And a couple I met on the Appalachian Trail that shared every piece of gear possible, both of them having a resulting extremely low baseweight. We go over some leave no trace principals and the responsibility of a hiker to the environment. What my go to tarp configuration is, and what I think of shaped tarps vs flat tarps. How to keep your cookware clean in the backcountry, and a lot more!

I think I’ll still continue these Q&A’s while the How to thru hike series moves forward but we’ll see if it becomes to much. Anyway, the how to thru hike series starts soon!!! Going over all of the basics of thru hiking a long distance trail! I’m very excited to share that with you all.

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