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Baked Artichoke Chicken only takes about 5 minutes to throw together and creates the most delicious Mediterranean inspired meal full of artichokes and Kalamata olives.

The first time I made this Artichoke Chicken it disappeared so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture! I was completely enamored with the delicious Mediterranean flavors in this dish. The artichokes were a fun addition and they are a great source of vitamin C, folate, magnesium and dietary fiber. Just be sure you pick up artichokes that are packed in water (the marinated artichokes are packed in oil, which adds a lot of calories to the dish).

You know I am a fan of dinners that are easy to prepare. If you love easy as much as I do, you are going to be very pleased with how simple this recipe is. You really aren’t even cooking, just tossing a couple of ingredients into a casserole dish and sticking it in the oven. One dish meals are my favorite!

This chicken was pretty fantastic as is, but if you are looking for a flavor boost I’d recommend sprinkling some feta cheese on top, or incorporating in some sun dried tomatoes.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when making this Baked Artichoke Chicken

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