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This healthy Artichoke Hummus is full of flavor and a great spin on traditional hummus, especially for all you artichoke lovers out there. It’s seriously good, and if you love hummus as much as we do, you will definitely want to try Black Bean Hummus and Brownie Batter Hummus as well.

We have been eating this Artichoke Hummus with all the things. As someone who is always looking for something delicious to dip vegetables, pretzels, and crackers – I can never have enough hummus. However, as much as I absolutely love regular hummus, sometimes I have trouble sticking to a small portion size. And since most of the hummus I find in stores has a lot of olive oil, this can quickly lead to lots of calories. I am also someone who I would call a volume eater. I like big portions, so it’s important to find ways to lighten things up since a tablespoon of dip is never going to be enough. 

One way I like to do that with hummus is by making some simple substitutions. To make this hummus lower in fat, I like to replace the olive oil with nonfat Greek yogurt. Then I like to bulk up the recipe with some low calorie vegetables. This not only adds flavor, but it also adds volume to the recipe without adding lots of extra calories. It’s a win-win and the end result is a creamy, flavor-packed hummus with about half as many calories as standard hummus. 

Wondering about other veggies? You can make lightened up hummus this way using all kinds of veggies. Some of my favorites include edamame, zucchini, cauliflower, roasted eggplant, beets, and butternut squash. It’s important that the vegetables are cooked and drained of any excess moisture before adding them to the recipe. The easiest way to do this is by roasting the vegetables or using defrosted frozen/canned vegetables. If you use frozen, just make sure to squeeze them out using a paper towel before adding them so you aren’t adding a bunch of extra water to the recipe.

Artichoke hummus in a bowl with fresh bread, lemons, and parsley.

Can I make Artichoke Hummus without tahini?

You don’t have to use tahini when you make hummus and this recipe actually is made without any tahini. Tahini is paste made from sesame seeds and although it adds a nice flavor, it is high in calories and fat so if you are looking for a lighter hummus it may not be a good option. Some people also may not like the flavor or may not want to invest in buying tahini if they are only going to use a couple of tablespoons. Tahini does also add some creaminess to hummus but we are able to achieve that in this recipe with the yogurt and artichokes.

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