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Apricot Crumble may just be my new favorite fall dessert. The sweet apricots bake down until they melt in your mouth and then there is the crispy, buttery topping that everyone loves in any traditional crumble.

When you read the title of this recipe, are you thinking that apricots don’t belong in a crumble? I admit, I, too thought this dessert recipe may have been too far out there. Peaches, cherries, blueberries, apples — all crumble-worthy, right? But apricots? A few years ago, I wouldn’t have even been able to tell you if they were even available at my grocery store. If they were, I’d never noticed. Even if I did notice, I’m sure I didn’t know it was an apricot. In my mind, at the time, apricots only came in the dried version.

Truth be told, I hadn’t actually ever had a fresh apricot until I was well into adulthood.

Not only that, I had built up this weird aversion to them in my mind and had no desire to try them even though I absolutely loved dried apricots. Weird, right? It’s sort of like people who love spaghetti sauce and ketchup but won’t dare touch a real tomato. True story, I live with one of those people and it sometimes drives me crazy.

The thing that got me to finally eat an apricot was a minor act of deception — a friend snuck some cut apricots into a salad that I mistakenly took as peaches and, well, I ate them and presto, chango, I immediately fell in love…and proceeded to buy like four pounds of them the next time I went to the market.

The next time I had to come up with a brunch item to bring to my girlfriend’s house, I found myself staring at the mountain of apricots in my kitchen. Right then and there, I decided to overcome my fear once and for all and bake with them. The recipe I chose to create was a lightened-up version of this delicious recipe for Apricot Breakfast Crisp.

Ideas for Customizing Apricot Crumble

So if you’re still like the old me, and even after trying an apricot you just can’t do it, I understand. Try these ideas for mixing up this recipe:

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