10" x 10" Strong Aluminum Square -Poultry- Baking Pans (Pack of 20) – Great For Transporting – Disposable Silver Foil Cooking Tins – Ideal for Poultry, Coffee Cakes,

🍩 HEAVY 35 GAUGE ALUMINUM POULTRY/BAKING PANS – These super strong Aluminum cooking pans will make roasting and baking a delight. No spills and leaks – being 2-3/8″ deep, you’ll be able to make the deepest cakes or roast a turkey or chicken for all your family and friends.

🍩 NO MORE SCRUBBING AND CLEANING – With these affordable and disposable deep silver pans, you don’t have to waste time soaking your old pans after the meal – Just serve straight from the pans or place on your favorite serving plate and get straight to the meal. Simply throw it out to recycling when you’re done.

🍩 VERSATILE COOKING & BAKING – Our premium quality heavy gauge aluminum pans allow even heat distribution whilst cooking and baking your favorite dishes. These curved indentations design will help ensure that all your food cooks evenly all the way through. Delicious roasts perfectly cooked inside and out, and cakes that are fluffy and light all the way to the last bite.

🍩 GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY – 20 TRAYS PER PACK – Choose as many packs as you need – great for use all year round – don’t get caught short, make sure you keep enough in stock at home for those unexpected guests or family parties you’ll want to cook for. Why waste time at the grocery store searching for your quality aluminum trays – just order online now!

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